The Tour

Departure from your hotel in El Calafate, along route 11, bordering Lake Argentino. From the beginning, the trip offers pleasant surprises such as the Bahía Redonda (Round Bay). Here you can see an important variety of bird life, including black-necked swans, flamingos, steamer ducks, coots and cauquén. The yellow colour of the countryside stands out, this is due to its grasses called coirón, and among them, the white and small coirón stands out.
From El Calafate to the Perito Moreno Glacier is a distance of 80 km, along a paved road.
In the first 40 km you will cross the Patagonian steppe, passing later to the entrance of the National Park to observe the arboreal vegetation belonging mostly to the "nothofagus" family (ñires, guindos, lengas) and one or another cinnamon tree, and flowers of diverse colours, among which the notro stands out for its intense red colouring, corresponding to the Andean Patagonian Forest. At the entrance to Los Glaciares National Park there is a statue of the famous aviator Pluschow.
Arrival to "la curva de los suspiros" (the curve of sighs), so called because it is the first point from where we have a panoramic view of the Perito Moreno Glacier.
Short stop to take pictures.
Arrival to the footbridges where you can appreciate the majesty of the Perito Moreno Glacier.
Walk along the walkways to appreciate it from different perspectives and variety of shades of blue and light blue colours. Where we will have a service sector for visitors and a system of balconies and wide walkways that allow you to walk along different routes and access different truly indescribable views of the Glacier surrounded by the Andes mountains and at the foot of it, the beautiful view of Lake Argentino, with its beautiful colours. From the proximity to it.
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